backgroundTracker4WebApps (BT4WA) (Android app)

Background location is allowed on native apps but not on web apps

What does the app do?

The app is a tool that allows the user to enter a list of URIs (sites), to which the location is sent in the background.

How is the app meant to be used?

A web app developer (and corresponding web app) can support BT4WA and thereby allowing the end user to share his/her location in the background.

Example: A taxi-web-app can allow taxi-drivers to track themselves to potential customers.

List of sites that can be used with BT4WA

How come background location is OK on native apps but not on web apps (web sites)?

The snag is of course the user integrity.

Compare what "Defense"-mechanisms there are against malicious apps:

How to use:

Video instructions

(Play video: How to use) (Note the name of the app has changed since the video was recorded)

Step by step instructions

Step 1: Generate and copy uri+key on the site you want to send the location to (List of sites which can receive the location).


Go to ""

(login if necessary)
In "Settings" > "User settings" > "Uri+key"
Click "Generate new".
Click "Copy to clipboard".
Step 2: Go back to the BT4WA app.

Step 3: In "Manage List" > "Add", paste the copied uri, then click save.

Step 4: Go back to the main screen and you can use the On, Off and Check buttons.


How to install:

The app can be found on Google Play here.

A pre-release version can be found here. (Use only if you're looking for resolved or existing bugs). Once downloaded to your Android device, go to "Downloads" or "Files" from where you should be able to install it.

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