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Acquiring the location is (especially when using GPS) somewhat power hungry and may drain the battery.

The Android OS however allows an app to piggyback other apps that have requested the location. (passive updates)

Acquiring location updates

Only piggybacking other apps location requests.
Passively + Actively:
Same as above but also actively triggering location requests.

Active location requests


The app will settle with city-level (cell-tower) accuracy. If cell-towers aren't found then more accurate methods (Wifi/GPS) are used.
The app will settle with block-level (wifi) accuracy. If Wifi-networks aren't found then GPS is used.
The app won't settle with anything but the best (GPS if available). Note! resolving to GPS requires relatively much power.


The interval at which the app will actively trigger updates.

NOTE! Since Android 8.0 (API 26) Background location requests are not allowed to run more often than every 15 minutes or so (to preserve battery life) ref


Fastest Interval

If other apps triggers location updates in a high pace, then this setting prevents them to come too often..

Smallest displacement

Updates are sent to the urls ONLY if the displacement (distance moved since last update) is bigger than this.