Background Location Broadcaster (Web version) (link)

There are these sites (see ) that allows the user to upload his/her location to a map, in different business roles (such a taxi driver or what ever)

This app allows the user to toggle their visibility and reupload their location on several of these sites with a single button click.

How to use:

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How to use, steps:

1) Generate and copy uri/key on the site you want to control (List of controllable sites).
Ex: Go to "" > "Settings" > "User settings" > "Uri with authentication key for remote controller"
Click "Generate new".
Click "Copy to clipboard".
2) Paste uri/key in the Background Location Broadcaster app.
Go to (the Background Location Broadcaster app) > "Manage List" > "Add". Then paste the uri and click save.

See also:

Background Location Broadcaster (android app). An app that can also run in the background, continuously uploading the location.