Background Location Broadcaster (BLB) (Android app)

BLB: Allows you to enter a list of URIs (sites), to which your location is sent.


Why is this app needed:

Background tracking isn't allowed on web apps

Background tracking (such as when the screen is asleep) is simply deemed too intrusive to only be protected by a popup-box.

Can access the position in the ...
... foreground ... background
A native app (as downloaded from Google play) Yes Yes*
A web app (a web site) Yes No
* Note! When running on battery Android will limit how long and how much background processes can run. See also Android settings that may prevent BLB from working

BLB is a workaround, allowing web apps to use background location

BLB lets the user send the location, to any URI (URL) of the users own choice.

List of sites that can be used with BLB.

How to install:

The app can be found on Google Play here.

An other later version that possibly works better can be downloaded from here, once downloaded go to "Downloads" or "Files" from where you should be able to install it.

How to use:

(Play video: How to use)

Step 1: Generate and copy key (and uri) on the site you want to control (List of controllable sites).


Go to ""

(login if necessary)
In "Settings" > "User settings" > "Uri with authentication key for remote controller"
Click "Generate new".
Click "Copy to clipboard".
Step 2: Go back to the BLB app.

Step 3: In "Manage List" > "Add", paste the copied uri, then click save.

Step 4: Go back to the main screen and you can use the On, Off and Check buttons.

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