Background Location Broadcaster (Android app)

Web apps (web sites) are very powerful tools, however "background location" does not work with them.

Background Location Broadcaster is a tool, which lets the user send the location, to web apps (URIs), continuously in the background.

Note 1! Only a few sites can be used with the app: List of controllable sites.

Note 2! The device (Android OS) can at any time close down any apps (including this app) because it wants to use its resources for other things. If the phone is connected to power, and doesn't run any other apps, it seems to be running for about 4-5 days before it is closed down.

How to install:

The app is on Google Play here.

How to use:


1) Generate and copy uri / key on the site you want to control (List of controllable sites).
Ex: Go to "" > "Settings" > "User settings" > "Uri with authentication key for remote controller"
Click "Generate new".
Click "Copy to clipboard".
2) Paste uri/key in the Background Location Broadcaster app.
Go to (the Background Location Broadcaster app) > "Manage List" > "Add". Then paste the uri and click save.


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Detailed info (How does it work)

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Source code

Known issues/bugs

Web-version (A web version of the app (does not run in the background but otherwise it works in the same way))